Sunday, July 13, 2014

Donation-Matching Saturday: A Thanks

So, donation-matching Saturday has come and gone. It is no stretch to say that it exceeded any of our wildest expectations; we raised over $2700, and that amount has been doubled. As a result, we are now sitting at nearly 90% of our final goal, and we're only twelve days into our month-long campaign. Good lord.

We'd like to extent a huge, heaping pile of thanks to everyone who donated, spread the word, or supported us in any way, big or small. Any words of gratitude are no match for your generosity and confidence; nevertheless, our endless thanks to all of you. We are lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful folks.

Now, on with the campaign! We still have eighteen days in this thing, so let's keep the train rolling!

-Devan, Will, & Daniel

P.S.: For anyone wondering who these lovely people are, their names are listed here for posterity!


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