Friday, July 11, 2014

Walking the Camino, Part 4: The Road to Pamplona

On the third leg of our Journey, we begin in Zubiri, a hamlet whose buildings date back to the 18th century and, as can be seen below, features a main bridge that dates back to the medieval era.

There is a dark side to all of this, however: Zubiri, unfortunately, is surrounded by some rather unsightly factories and a massive magnesium processing plant.

From Zubiri onward, the rest of today's stage is mostly suburban, a marked contrast from the previous two days' treks through the Pyrenees. The final distinct town before we enter the various suburbs of the city of Pamplona is Larrasoana, which consists mostly of half-timbered basque houses.

From there, it's on to the suburbs of Pamplona, starting with Villava, which lies on the outskirts. Once a town in its own right, it has since been overtaken by the suburban sprawl of Pamplona. This, however, has not taken away from its beauty, particularly in its waterfalls.

The last stop is Pamplona, the first large city we'll come across on our trek, which we will describe in detail in part four. Happy trails!


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