Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Heathens on the Trail: A Brief Update

The heathens are halfway through walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, halfway through the Meseta, and in spite of the ever-accumulating wealth of experiences and conversations we've had, it is more and more difficult to summarize and express how it feels to be walking this pilgrimage, even if I try to limit msyelf to just today ("it was a rainy, but short walk,  morale is high" etc). The experience of walking the Camino is more complex than what a quick recounting of anecdotes and set of snapshots can get across. Similarly, there are thoughts, feelings, and moments which can't be captured on film simply ny pointing a camera at what we see and making a pretty rectangle with explanatory voiceover slapped on, which makes me feel more resolved about our first-person triptych approach than ever.

As we walk, we've continuously sorted out the film's inherent structural challenges, and a shared, hazy vision of a final form has slowly come into view. As exhausting as it is to always be "on", there is a gathering sureness that what we have can be edited into a unique and worthwhile feature, which is enthralling. It's a great thrill to live a project and see its distant silhouette take on clearer and clearer detail, like an expanding telescope, and an even greater thrill to begin to connect the mental articulation of the Camino experience to an unconventional filmic grammar.



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